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You’ve asked and we’ve answered.

Question 1
As our arcade games cost something to play, we don’t want our users to waste money on gas fees in order to have a good time. This way we limit gas fees and give you an amount of plays per purchase. This also helps us feed our treasury allowing our players to earn for a long time to come.
Question 2
But what about prize support? What do we get for winning? We still pay out prizes BUT this allows us to pay them out in more than just $ATK. Our prizes are awarded monthly and can be anything from $ATK to NFTs! This gives us the ability to make specific payouts and market those prizes as well. This also allows us to do surprise prizes as well ie. airdrops for consistent players, gameplay credits etc.
Question 3
Ok, so how do I win prizes then? It's simple get the high score for that prize period. You can check the Leaderboards for each game by choosing a game and going to their Leaderboard section. Leaderboards are cleared monthly.
Question 4
Just create your account, buy a game card for the amount of plays you desire and get to winning. You can buy game cards with $ATK but in the near future you will be able to use any token on any chain.